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Originally Posted by kdphan View Post
why not just buy a used m3?

You can use that $15k downpayment and buy an '08 for under 40k?

That $15k down payment leaves about $25k to be financed.
New ones are shinier

Originally Posted by JulieDriving View Post
Does your Mom have good credit and make enough to cover entirely the lease should you not be able to pay a cent?

Banks are willing to lend too much usually. I'd be cautious about trying to get a new M if you've already been turned down under those conditions. Even if you could come up with a substantial increase to the downpayment, I think you'd be living too close to the edge.

An Audi RS isn't much less, is it?
She has good credit but doesn't make enough to cover the lease which was one of the reasons they couldn't approve it. Payments for the M3 + insurance would be far from the edges financially. I just have a difficult way to prove it until the year runs out for my next tax return salary refresh.

RS5s start at around $70K last time I checked. Priced around the same but I was hoping Audi would evaluate the lessee differently than BMW.

How is the process for taking over someone's lease? I found a particular M3 here that matched almost exactly what I wanted. Would the chances of me taking over his lease be better than getting to lease a new one?