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In addition, I never have more than two people sitting in the car at any one time so my suspension never bottoms out. I tried driving over a speed bump at 70kmh once to see what would happen, it's the only time I've bottomed out. So I'm guessing since the rear seats and trunk are rarely used is that it's OK to have a smaller bump stop, with a spring that has a slightly higher spring rate.

Again... any insight or helpful comments?

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Dude, I'm impressed. Thanks for putting this altogether, and for the others pitching in. Glad I have a working knowledge of our suspension set up.

So, what I'm gathering for those keeping their cars on the street and wanting to keep the costs low is that the Dinan springs with the shortened bump stops are the only way to go (from the lowering spring choices). Track use really requires stepping up to the Coilovers.

..I imagine for those of us tracking only a few times per year, the Dinan would be acceptable for the occasion. Any comments?