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Originally Posted by Chowster View Post
Congrats on the order!

Factory orders take about 3-4 weeks after completion of production for the car to reach the left coast. Depends on how long your car waits at the port to get on a ship; possible delays getting on a train in Halifax; and any rail delays.
Thanks Chowster. Dang, I hope the sales gal meant it's 50% of the way here!! Coz even if it's done being produced/built today, 3-4 weeks won't mean "early July" for me to get the car

I think bruza was also replying to me too but quoted someone else lol. Thanks for the info. Sounds like the ED export/import process is extra long, probably due to the car being processed individually and not in a typical shipment batch...

Anyone else has more info on this build time and ship time stuff? Can dealerships actually track per the order?