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Originally Posted by MiamiE93Vert
I would love to hear from someone that has a Jag XK__ (any really) to give their opinion as to why they chose the Jag over its competitors. When I see them on the road the look great, the performance reviews are positive as to what they can do, but the price points always seem to me to be too high. Like mentioned above, when you look at its competitors for the price, there are much better options IMO.
I have a 335i and my wife has an XK-R. They are both great cars but the Jag has a level of refinement that the BMW can't really compete with. Considering the fact that the Jag was almost twice the price of the BMW that is not really surprising.

Last fall I drove an XKR-S at Lime Rock back to back with an XKR-S. The BMW is a better track car but neither is what I would be intersested for serious track use. The XKR-S is designed to be a high performance GT and that is exactly what it is. It does not really compete directly against the M3. It's most direct competitors would be cars like the M6 and the Maserati GT and I doubt that the people buying the XKR-S are concerned about the fact that an M3 is faster around a track.

That being said it would probably not be my first choice in that price range.


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