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Originally Posted by jakc View Post
Hey everyone, it has been a while since I last posted, so here's an update.

I went to Paul Miller BMW about two weeks ago to get a lease on a 2013. I said I can put 10K down and he estimated monthly payments to be around $900 on the configured car which was $75K. We went over my credit and was told it was good but didn't have a long enough history for the bank to allow the lease but that I would be fine with a co-signer. I get my mom's info for the co-sign and then a week later I get a call back saying the bank wasn't able to approve it either. I tried offering 15K down but it didn't seem to make much of a difference and now I'm out of options for the M3.

I'd much rather have an M3 than an S5/RS5, is there anything another dealership can possibly do for me differently to get me approved or will I just have to go with another car?
why not just buy a used m3?

You can use that $15k downpayment and buy an '08 for under 40k?

That $15k down payment leaves about $25k to be financed.