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Originally Posted by Karnidge View Post
I am a new e92 owner so I am not as brainwashed by the BMW brand as some of you. My personal opinion has been that 3 series are nothing special. I have never been impressed when seeing one and have always looked at them as entry level BMWs, much like the Mercedes C class. Some of the 3 series I see on the road, with cheaper wheels, etc. look terrible. They are over priced and for less money you can buy a better equipped car with more power, like a G37x.

The M3 however is different. Much different. It has class, exterior styling, respectable speed, and is one of the best special edition vehicles ever made IMO. Yes, it shares the same chassis as the other 3 series cars, including the 335i you all keep comparing the M3 to for some reason. But that's where the similarity ends. I could name a ton of other cars that blow the 335 away. I'd rather drive the new mustang than a 335i 6mt with mods. I would never buy a $40k to $60k car, under warranty, and modifiy it. Seems kind of ghetto to me. If you own one that is out of warranty or are so rich it doesn't matter then more power to ya. But saying a modded 335i is fast... Who cares? You can buy a Honda Civic and do the same thing, but you are still driving a Honda Civic. I feel what makes the M3 special is that it was engineered to be fast. ///M designed it that way. Not some kid who ordered parts on eBay.

I hope I don't come off wrong with my comments. It's hard sometimes to get your point across in writing. I am not trying to rip on BMW or say that 335i's are POS. I test drove one and it is a decent car, well built, etc. But it is not special like the M3.

Just to be clear, I love my e92. It is my first BMW and I have much more respect for the brand since purchasing it. Seriously, it is an amazing car. I owned a Cayman S prior to this but live in Chicago so I could only drive it when the weather was nice. I had a C300 as my commuter/winter car. The Cayman is an awesome car, I could go on and on about how well engineered that car is. I have always been a Porsche enthusiast and have great respect for the brand. Which is kind of why I am so drawn to the ///M cars. I have a high respect for the performance driven/race inspired cars coming out of Germany and the history that comes with them.
Well, you apparently like the M3 brand image quite a bit. When I've driven in Chicago it was frustrating the vast majority of the time...traffic and congestion limits the enjoyment of driving even my old '95 Maxima!