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I beat a modded Z06 (intake,tune, full exhaust) with my super M and people are saying that's nonsense. That the guy is a buddy of mine and we both respect anything fast. Do you guys think that if a car was abused (meaning not following break in or something like that, not obviously a hurt motor or something of that nature) early in its life that it could just naturally be a little slower? Any only ask because so many people say I shouldn't of had a chance so now it's got me second guessing myself and the results lol
It's possible. And some cars are just slower than other cars of the same make/model/year/ect from the factory. You have to remember, Z06 motors are hand built, so just like GTRs, actual HP from stock will vary.
Yeah, my thoughts exactly. That's why I can't stand hearing people say shits fake or it was a bad driver and stuff like that. No doubt Vettes are fast as hell but there are always exceptions and no matter how fast you think you are, somewhere out there somebody is faster lol