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Originally Posted by bapesta206 View Post
LM are little less aggressive in offset. IMO, the front is perfect. The rear can use a little more lip. But again, i'm not sure if you can get away with rubbing.
I agree. I think the front on the LM-R is aggressive enough. But if I do go wider on it, I think we can squeeze a little more lip out of it while keeping the same aggressive offset.

Rear LM is not as aggressive as the LM-R, you're right.

Darwin is playing around with lips right now. He's having a couple of lips sent to his shop so he can play around with the setup to see if he can rebuild my rims. No guinea pigging on my car. He's doing the R&D at his shop first. Darwin doesn't mess around!

Originally Posted by bapesta206 View Post
BTW, you are a nut for that Smart car! Looks awesome!
hahaha, you're not the 1st to tell me that! I originally bought the smart cuz of the youtbue videos where they swapped a hayabusa engine into them. That was my original plan until I met another smart owner who did the swap and he said it's way too loud to daily drive. I then refocused to a car engine swap (MR2 - fits perfectly w/o major chassis modification), but then decided it wasn't worth the money on this car. That's when I got bored and sold the car and moved onto the E92...I don't think I'll get bored with this car

Originally Posted by BMW Fanatic View Post
Is there a reason you decided to switch it up from HRE's this time around? Or you just wanted change?

Nice whips! Can't wait to see the M. Congrats.
Thank you! I've actually run Work, DPE, and HRE's, so I'm not an HRE fanboy by any means. Honestly, my preference would have been to stick with an HRE because I could build a rim to spec that would cost less than the BBS. However, I couldn't find a style from any of the custom wheel manufacturers that I liked enough on the E92 body. These are my 1st set of BBS ever, and was shocked to find out how much they cost. I would have hoped that, for that money, you would be able to at least spec out widths and offsets to your liking. Why the LM-R's? I saw the setup on SARD's and bapesta's cars and fell in love with how they look on the E92. Mesh style wheels go well with the racing bloodlines of the M, IMO . And I know many people are into full-face rims now-a-days, but I'm still a fan of rims with lip

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