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Originally Posted by Powerbeast View Post
Hmmmm never thought about that.... Reversing the barrel for a bigger lip, I like that idea. Do that do that!
Originally Posted by bapesta206 View Post
If you plan on going a wider route, that would be sick.... Another option is reverse the barrel and get a little more lip.
Reverse lip is an idea to consider, but if I go that route, would I have to do the new setup in 19's? I love how the LM-R looks in step-lip format though

So guys, still curious as to why you recommended leaving the LM-R's alone. I'm wondering if there's something that hadn't come to mind and that I should consider in this process. Please share

BTW, Here's what a 20x10 +8 looks like. This guy is on 20x10 +20 LM's + 12mm spacer. 275/30 tire. This is why I think I can go more aggressive on my rear setup

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