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Originally Posted by ducman View Post
I still haven't build my pc yet. You guys bored with the game yet? Seem like everyone beat it with all the different character classes. Is the story that short? Do you think there will be an expansion set?
The story itself is roughly 15-20 hours of game play, for your first playthough, which is in line of all the Diablo games. The game is not about indepth characters/story telling, it's about killing shit and finding "lewt". If you got bored with Diablo 2 after beating all difficulties, then you will probably be bored with this. However, if chasing loot, while building an unstoppable character, and playing all the characters is your cup of tea, then this game is right up your alley. I have 2 level 60's, my Wizard beat Inferno Diablo and getting to that point wasn't quick nor easy, I felt a huge sense of accomplishment because it was that difficult. I still play him everyday farming and hunting for better gear. I'm trying to gear out my 60 Demon Hunter and will be finishing off my lvl 40 Witch Doctor soon. Again, it depends on what type of games you like. If long, well written, and in depth RPG's are what you like, then you might not like D2 and get bored. If you enjoy the thrill of hunting for gear and trying out different builds and characters, then you will ennjoy D2 over and over. Even newer games like Skyrim and Dragon Age, I didn't feel a sense of accomplishment when "beating" the game, yet alone small bosses. Diablo 3 gets very difficult, unlike Skyrim, and has the chance of rewarding you for your efforts.

Hope that helps.

Originally Posted by Templar View Post
30k DPS, not very good, but a lot better than what I was trying to solo hell with (all I will say is that it was under 10k, lol).
Just get a better weapon (1000 dmg bow+) and use Sharpshooter and Archery. Your DPS will spike when SS is up. As you saw my level 46 Demon Hunter the other night doing over 50K dps and taking down Hell bosses in seconds No need for resistance and defense when your Damage is incredibly high, as well as dexterity, which increases your dodge.

Originally Posted by Ammonia View Post
They've buffed drop rates tremendously, and now its possible to get ilvl 63 gear (I.E, gear that used to only drop in Act 3/4) drops in ACT 1. So gear is going to be more accessible now. Just wish they'd stop nerfing things though.
Screw the drop rates, I want my damage back!!!! My Wiz took a 30,000 dps loss (80K down to 50K). He was easily farming act 3 and 4 Inferno. Now I'm spending millions again trying to get new gear to adjust and back to struggling farming act 2.
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