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Originally Posted by JAJ View Post
I'm thinking I since I was poking a little fun your way, I should have put a smiley on the end of my post!

I bought a set of DW's recently for the Mustang and they're good tires, at least now when they're new. Tirerack was clearing my size for $100 each, so it's pretty much impossible not to be happy with them. I did a soaking wet track day at the Ridge with them, and they were great. In the dry, they'd melt.
Haha... Cool. $100/tire is a ridiculous deal. They really are good in the wet. Good street tire too, imo, quiet with plenty of grip, but approaching the limit they fail.

Well I'm certainly not advanced enough to melt them, and they do seem relatively sturdy. 10k miles, 2 track days -- one of which was at Homestead where it was ~80 degrees and I did all 5 full sessions -- and they've got lots of life remaining. We'll see how they hold up next week with the Stoptechs torturing them.