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Originally Posted by bapesta206
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Nice jump start.... I would leave the wheels alone.
Originally Posted by tbone28 View Post
If I do go with a rebuild, front offset would be about equivalent 20x10 +20. On the rear, there's room for a 10mm spacer making net offset of +8 on the stock LM-R. I'd do a 20x11 +20 which would be like x10 +8

I'm not sure yet if I will go that route. But my reasons for considering it include:
1) wider rims
2) wider lips
3) being able to go more aggressive on rear without need to run a spacer
4) I'm not completely sold on the lip finish of the LM-R
5) flexibility in fixing a bent barrel/lip on a 3-piece wheel
If you plan on going a wider route, that would be sick.... Another option is reverse the barrel and get a little more lip.
Hmmmm never thought about that.... Reversing the barrel for a bigger lip, I like that idea. Do that do that!