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Originally Posted by SES_D View Post
I agree. You believe the crap that Van Gundy says? That guy has been defending Lebron's nuts since he joined the Heat.

Heat played their ass off this series and won, especially in this game...however I'm not quite sure they would have won the previous 3 or even 4 without the refs assist. Heat big four - Lebron, Wade, Bosh, and REFS.

Besides, no referee should come close to even showing any emotion, feeling, favoritism to any player, coach,'s their job to be the lawmakers. Therefore no matter what the situation, he should not have even touched the coach, but refs these days have lost respect for the game, you see them smiling at players, winking at em, giving props, handshakes, hugs, before or even after the game.
kinda pointless video its not like there was a obvious foul and the reff was patting spoelstra letting him know "hey i got you".