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Originally Posted by highyo View Post
this is correct, first time. i have a helmet (from the PC).

now then, where to fidn the best site for track events?
ON east coast, try, go to calendar, enter your zip code, desired distance ( start with 300 miles), and type of event ( driver school) and it will give you most events in your area.

I suggest a BMW CCA event as I think those have the best driver instruction for beginners.

I would start with 32psi on your tires cold ( they will gain 6 to 12 psi when hot depending upon how you drive).
Most street tires will work best between 36 to 42 hot. I would target 38 hot until you see how much they roll over ( or not) at a given air pressure. Have your instructor look at your tires after the first session to get his suggestions on pressure changes....
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