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Rated///M- you must must go for the M Performance exhaust - before taking delivery of my M3 I wanted a mod which would make this M3 stand out from the rest. I ordered the part then cancelled, then went onto you tube to listen to it, then ordered it again. m division pulled out all the stops on this one. Made of Inconel,2 year man warranty, 18 kg lighter than stock, no drone unless youre in low revs on 4th, but this too is minimal.Performance BMW magazine features it this month and has nothing but good stuff to say about it.the cold start sizzle makes me grin every time.let me put you in the picture-- I guy with his wife and kid walked pass the car at a Mall in an underground car park as I started it up. I noticed the guys head turn and thought , well it's just another one of those looks.i noticed him turn around again in my rear view mirror.i continued on my way out of the Mall but stopped on one side to fiddle with my iPod.Cruzin pass me is that guy in a white 2012 frost edition competition m3. I know that e sound got his attention .go for m perform pipes- u won't regret it