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Originally Posted by JesterEXW View Post
I still am glad people from all sides are choosing to post and even happier that we are challenging others ideas. I think that religion is something that should be more openly questioned and talked about, after all that is the only way to learn more.
I agree, I think there are some interesting comments here. I dont wish to offend either, if you believe X, and that makes you happy, then good for you, I have no illusions that a post on a website will change anyone's belief system. For me, it's very interesting journey to try and see how people got to the point where they believe X.

If the same data is available to you that I could find, and assuming you dont have some other special ability that I dont possess, then I find it really, really fascinating that people can derive a conclusion of X from that info, when try as I might, I keep finding myself at the same end point where X is (to me, anyways) one of the least plausible of all conclusions from that same set of data.

Any questions I ask, or logical challenges I pose, are not meant to offend, but rather to help me understand how it is possible to get to that endpoint of X despite the presence of these logical barriers that stop me... you know, like, what am I missing? How come I cant get past the hurdles that others apparently clear with ease?

This is most confounding to me when I think of people who are very analytical in most other areas of life. I worked with a guy who would approach most business propositions with the most critical eye, and to get him to buy into your plan required that you did all your homework, and it had to withstand the most rigorous logical attack you could imagine. He wanted studies, and PROOF before he'd pull the trigger to spend $. And yet, he was quite religious. His faith meant that he unconditionally accepted some pretty implausible things with no evidence. At work, he would tear a strip off you if you dared to propose even the most reasonable-sounding, moderate idea without tons of defensible, irrefutable justification.

If I live to be 100 I dont think I'll ever understand how those two vastly different "acceptance thresholds" peacefully co-existed in his head.