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Originally Posted by highyo View Post
i'm sure this is has been answered many times but i figured why not start a new thread, if i have to read another Mod thread i might throw up

anyway, can the board recommend what i need to do with my car to prepare it for a day at the track? i think closest to me would be limerock, though maybe i can sneak up to monticello to see the facility, it's a touch closer to the city.

so what? brake pads? oil? new tires the next day? it's a waste not to track this car.
Judging only by your question, I'm assuming this is your first time to the track. That said, you don't need to do anything to the car, just bring or rent a helmet, keep an open mind and leave your ego at home.

Just make sure that your car is in proper working order, you may need a tech inspection prior to the event, so read the track event organizer's info to verify.

Brake pads, fluid, lines, tires, etc. are in your future if you decide to continue on.