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Originally Posted by signes View Post
Great pads, phenomenal track performance with OEM brakes. You can use them on the street but they will be pretty harsh on the rotors and you'll be competing with buses and garbage trucks for loudest brakes.
I want to protect my rotors, i realized they are very expensive to replace. I was thinking of carbotech xp10 or xp12.
after my track session on VIR full course i hated that when braking i had vibration on the wheels. i dont want to replace rotors again

Originally Posted by sin911 View Post
I agree.

When I ran my r-comp Toyo RA1s (245/40/18F 305/35/18R) the optimum pressure was 32F & 34R. The wear was even across the thread. That is where alignment comes into play.

I used to run Bridgestone RE-11's on the track for a while, if I remember correctly the optimum pressure for those were about 36F & 38R.

The wear on the tires mostly have to do with your cars weight, suspension and alignment setting. As I said on my earlier post, carrying too little pressure will cause the sidewalls to work incorrectly, meaning the tire will roll on it's side and the steering feel will be numb.

I remember going out on the track with 22F & 24R cold on RA1.
I had the stock PS2's. started the day with 33F and 35R, ended up with 44F and 46R. had to reduce pressure. It also depends on the weight on the car, ie a passanger.

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