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Originally Posted by klammer View Post
I've been using this not as video but just a lap timer. It's kept in my center armrest while on track and seems this makes it rather inaccurate. As I compare my videos against the timing it's off, sometimes by as much as 2-3 seconds or even more. Is it's accuracy affected that much by its placement in the car? Only used it a handful of times, but seems off. Even have same exact lap times but am off on avg. speed in those by sometimes as much as 9 mph. Will grabbing the cradle, gps helper, improve things that much?
Mine was within a tenth of a second 95+% of the time (compared to official timing) when stashed in my glovebox. Therefore clear line of sight to GPS satellites is not required. This is with an iPhone 4s.

However, I take anything outside of the lap times with a grain of salt (e.g., mid-corner speed, etc.).
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