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Originally Posted by 48Laws View Post
Uh, the best ring car in the world is the Yellow Bird. You may have a point but, the better package for what a consumer needs is the 911 Turbo. I think the GT3's rarity is it biggest selling point. There is nothing in the GT3 you can't get out of the 911 Turbo but, flip that and it's skewed toward the 911 Turbo.
Dont get me wrong, I think the turbo/turbo S are the two single best all around cars in the world that provide hypercar performance and handling flat out if you dont need a backseat. If you do need a backseat, the Panamera turbo/turbo S is the best all around 4 door sedan king IMO.
In the GT3 you get one of, if not the best, high revving NA engine in the world at any given time, which cannot be had in a turbo. While the GT3 is far more than an engine, it is a substantial difference than the turbo not to mention only being RWD, better steering, lighter. The differences are pretty substantial when you really think about it.
Ultimately, the 911 turbo is more of a road car you can track whereas the GT3 is a race car that has been adapted to be a road car.