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Originally Posted by Vegas_Sirk View Post
I thought the same thing .... but I didnt hear a normal 3 beep start, It was like they where rolling and the M3 jumped on it and then the M5 jumped on it. Was there any count down?

Also this is from a roll, would love to see it from a stand.

last but not least to those saying the 22psi is high it really isnt. My old Evo IX came stock around 18psi if I remember correctly but after bolt ons and a tune I was running 28 psi stock motor zero problems and went from making 280ish whp to 400whp. Turbo cars make HUGE gains with little effort.
We where starting from a 60km/roll, and just hit the gas at the mark( 2 cones) a fair way to start i think...
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