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Originally Posted by PaneristiDriver View Post
Have you driven one?

They are the single best driver's car in the world (along with Cayman/Boxster) and also one of the most fun and rewarding cars to drive.
The 911 turbo is a better car day to day, and yes, a novice will likely be faster in a turbo than a GT3 but equal drivers the GT3 will best a 911 turbo anywhere. Look at the track times. Plus how can you argue with what is the best 6 cylinder engine ever built and one of the best engines ever built overall. The Mezger engine has been proven and won more than ANY other engine ever in motorsport history.
There is a reason the Germans call the GT3 the best Ring car in the world.
Uh, the best ring car in the world is the Yellow Bird. You may have a point but, the better package for what a consumer needs is the 911 Turbo. I think the GT3's rarity is it biggest selling point. There is nothing in the GT3 you can't get out of the 911 Turbo but, flip that and it's skewed toward the 911 Turbo.