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SCCA July Solo2 Fastrack: Proposed move of E9x M3 to F-Stock

Write your letters in support of moving the M3! You can submit electronically , it takes about 30 seconds

Currently the M3 competes in AS against cars like the '97-'04 C5 non-Z06 Corvette, Caymans and Boxsters, 996 and 993 911's, and Evoras. The C63, ISF, and E46 M3 are also being considered for this move from AS (B-stock for the E46) where the cars are borderline uncompetitive depending on who you talk to, to FS where they would be very good cars for the class.

Some points you might include:
- '11+ Mustang is a key member of the M3's competitive set, see Grand Am GS, SCCA Touring 2 club racing, and performance specs
- AS pits the M3 against 2-seat cars which do not look, act, or drive the same on the same courses, making the class more course-dependant
- FS is a historically sedan-based performance car class which makes sense
- If the C63, ISF are moved down to FS, the M3 should go too because they are direct competition and similar performance potential
- There are tons of E9x M3 enthusiasts out there and most of them aren't showing up to autocrosses, this move could help change that.

Note: I did not write the letter which sparked this, at least I don't think I did. I'm just posting this here to get more exposure and support from the E9x community. More letters means more likelihood the E9x M3 will be moved to FS and have a place to play with unquestionable competitiveness in Stock class.

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