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Originally Posted by boostedM View Post
as a point of reference...

wow, that was a good pull... that M3 is a manual too (like me) vs M5's fast automatic. I wonder if he has HFC... If he has stock exhaust I should be only 25hp away from him, and have a similar pull on the M5...

I mean really, you have to look at the numbers: 575 kit, HFC, should be around 600hp (520whp if you are generous). Weight is what, 3300pds? M5, 560hp (lots of torque though) but weights 400 million thousand pounds. I'd say I should spank it easy...

Jaron///M3, I'm not sure why you are so sceptical about supercharged M3 beating old M5. Why do you say no? All the numbers are saying yes, and I had actual run in, as well as some other folks. Regarding a NA M3 vs M5, yea, I'm a bit sceptical on that one... prior to SC, I had HFC, xpipe and was tuned by ESS, and I got beat by M5 (not too much, but enough to admit it)(not sure if M5 had mods, but doubt it). Maybe if M3 is full bolt on and is automatic and m5 is manual.

How do you think i'd do against a stock C6 Z06? Most of them have at least an intake though... I know they are beasts, I cross shopped m3 with z06, and spent time on forums there.