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Originally Posted by Chowster View Post
I average 15.2L/100km, over the past 20,000km. So your numbers (17/12) don't seem alarming. This car just consumes a lot of fuel in a normal state.
I do about 8km/L on the highway before putting on the new exhaust, now I do 12. I've tried driving like I used with the new exhaust and the car downs the whole tank in a day while with the oem exhaust, it took 4 days (flooring it at times and revving it hard at times). Eversince I got this new exhaust system and driving like a grandma, I get gas 3x a week when I only get gas once every 10 days driving the same way but with the oem. I finish a quarter of the tank driving from ubc to Richmond and back, I didnt floor it, I drove 55km/hr the whole way. Even my buddies say theres sth wrong. Do you know who I can bring my car to? I don't want to bring it to the dealer because I'm scared they might void my warrenty