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Once again the ignorance outstands me.

Super Sports cars do not make money the investment is high and the returns are minimal. What seems to be forgotten is BMW's overall goal which is Independence. Independence is what BMW want to maintain and to prolong its independence sustainability product is far more important for BMW than excessive vanity product.

When you question that Audi and Mercedes-Benz can make Sports cars but BMW cannot, Audi can make the R8 because underneath the R8 is extensively the Lamborghini Gallardo. Mercedes-Benz went ahead with the SLS AMG before the economic crisis had they started during you would not see that car today, Mercedes-Benz's profit margin on the SLS AMG is razor thin again thanks to development costs , with additional variants they will start to recooperate the costs.

BMW's sports car project currently lies with the revolutionary i8.
As BMW say the car is the most progressive sports car which is born to be something different , unique and highly individual.
People say the i8 is a competitor to the R8 or the SLS AMG when in truth there is no competition to the i8.
The i8 is all about innovation , precision and creativity something each BMW excells over its competitors.

To make statements that BMW is the next GM is way off the mark. From my own experience I was at the NAIAS in 2006 where BMW just launched the LCi Z4 but also brought along the 2005 IAA X3 Efficient Dynamics Concept. To which BMW announced the production ethos of the concept to forthcoming models to increase efficiency ahead of a changing legislation. GM launched a new Hummer - Who collapsed first?

BMW is not GM nor is it Toyota , BMW wishes to maintain its independence and new products , innovation and creativity is the key to achieving this.
BMW's product expansion whether in additional or new niche concepts are all ideas that will generate profit for BMW to maintain its overall goal and achieve sales of 2 Million units and of course prolong its independence.
Being independent means you dictate your own rules something that BMW , every BMW strives to deliver ahead of their competitors.
The much maligned FWD BMW's which are just on the horizon with the official strategy coming to the Paris Autoshow in Septemeber are developed in tandem with MINI and aim to increase the profitability whilst fulfilling a growing segment where such cars are in demand especially in important markets in Europe. FWD BMW's are the instrument for BMW's goals - combined MINI and BMW FWD will add around 600,000 units to BMW's global sales by 2020.

You only have to look at BMW's success to see where they are without the need for an expansive vanity project. Image can be good but for one model to stand out and the rest basking in the glory of it when they are "average"at least is not very truthful to the customer.
But BMW have not only the higher ground in product segments , they also have shown remarkable achievement in brand awareness , sustainability and of course BMW still remain the worlds no1 premium car maker in size.
Another example is BMW's relentless approach to increasing profitability.
Each BMW in this generation has a higher profit margin than the previous generation and that for BMW is a significant achievement.

Will BMW commit themselves to a supersports car in due time?
Of course they will, but for any conception the genetics of the BMWi investment must be allowed to flourish in order for BMW to produce a car which would be advantageous in cost effective material technology via the BMWi investment.
And when BMW are in full mass volume CFRP production you will then see BMW's advantage over its competitors.
Having BMW produce its own CFRP in house gives BMW flexibility in sharing CFRP not only with the M Division but also BMW and beginning with the next generation of BMW 7er, which with a lightweight exotic mix of aluminium , press-hardened steel and CFRP will allow BMW to significantly reduce the overall weight of the car.

BMW has always been described as "A Different kind of car company" and that statement still rings true.
Independence is important to BMW as is creativity and innovation.
Whilst the different kind of car company stood for other things in the past it now an effect of progress. Not only for BMW but the whole auto industry.
being different in products is one thing but today progress has dictated that sustainability , efficiency and technology are added to become the key factors within any new product by any manufacturer.

Welcome to the ever changing environment of the auto industry.
Step 1.