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Originally Posted by FR01 View Post
I agree...our m3s prob wouldn't be able to keep up with a next gen performance car. The z06 did then again it's much lighter and a sports car vs a sedan, so it shouldn't lose.

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I just think it's pretty amazing that an NA car developed in the early 2000's that cost 70k new is keeping up with a fresh off the line, twin turbocharged 110k+ car, sedan or not. I'm not taking away anything or giving anything to either car, Z06's and anything that can stay close to it are stupid fast, I am just impressed with the Vette.

Originally Posted by SamS View Post
I'm with ya. I don't even like Vette's, but their performance can't be denied.

I've been in the E60 M5 a few times, and been thoroughly impressed. To see the F10 stomp it is kinda mind blowing.
Had the opposite feeling to the e60 as you lol, wasn't impressed at all. My old stock STi ran door to door with it up to 60 (Trust me, I know what would happen after that). But this new M5 seems to be extremely impressive number wise, which is why I think it's so cool the z06 is still probably the faster car.
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