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Sorry to bring up a old thread but I'm kind of in this dilemma now

I love the m3 but recenty I bought a exige s for track instead of making the m3 abit more track/street, now I don't really like driving the m3 as it's too comfortable and soft feeling. I know there totally different but I guess I do prefer cars to be hard and uncomfortable now my backs been ok

So I was thinking of fitting bucket seats, club sport suspension and better brakes etc on the m3 sooner than planned so I would enjoy it again, however by the time it's done, cost wise its not far too from getting a 997.1 gt3( a year ago I would have definitely modified it but having spent crazy money in the pass I do like the idea of getting cars that only needs a hand ful of things or less now) I'd still keep the rear seats in the m3 so Itd still be practical.

So what I want to know I guess is, will the m3 give the gt3 a run for it's money with the mods on track and will it give that much more raw feel im looking for or will it still be too soft?

I know no one can answer this for me but just a few more opinions on this might help my decision.

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