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Originally Posted by mtl88 View Post
I'm driving an 08 sedan with stock 19s (ps 2 stock size tires) on stock suspension and was thinking of doing 15 mm in front and 12 mm in the rears. Just curious as to why you went with 10 mm in the rears?

In Germany almost all modification you do, should be inspected by the TUV (
and after the modification pass the inspection, you get it written in your vehicle registration. Without this done, you drive the car with some spacers = illegal.
In case you have a traffic accident, your insurance can refuse to cover the expenses due to illegal modification.
Crazy isn't it?
In this regard, all after market parts need to have a parts certificate to proof, that the manufacturer has been tested the
parts itself under circumstances that TUV requires. With this document you just go to the TUV and let them register the parts into your registration.

Now to your answer, I could not find any spacer (Yes spacers should be inspected and registered) in 12mm with the parts certificate, so I just took the 10mm one from H&R.
Sorry for the boring story.........