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I have no problem with a diesel M, 740nm of torque, revised suspension bushes etc, sports 8 speed, paddle shift, large brakes & rotors, 5.4sec.

What's the difference, X5 M5 only has a 6 speed tranny and it's butt ugly front on and its thirstier than a desert.

LeManns has a diesel/electric going for outright place this year, so diesel power is getting interesting.

BMW will sell more M50d's engined cars than X5M & X6M, also in the UK the standard X5 M50d base price is 1,000 pounds dearer than the base X5M going by the UK BMW website.

The X5 M50d here in Australia is about $10,000 cheaper than the X5M, but than again we could buy 2 X5M in the US for the price of one X5 M50d here in Australia?

And some talk about M branding, well I use to own a current M3, and what is there not about 4 different version of the M3 out now, how do you thing some those owners feel.

I have owned a few different X5's, M3's and it seems to me that the best version of any of the BMW range of vehicle seems to be in it's 5th year of the 7year cycle just after the LCI update.

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