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Originally Posted by Caspita View Post
It's his inefficiency that is killing him. Is 25 points in the victory in game 3 Is 25 point on 22 shots bad....yes. Is 24 points in the victory in game 2 Is 24 points on 20 shots bad...yes. Is 19 point in the loss in game 1 bad....not really. Is 19 points on 19 shots bad...yes. You get the point.

Your statement about heroics.....that's been my problem with him through some points in this playoffs. In game 3 he tried to be a hero in the 4th quater and in led to turnovers. Wade has been there before, he knows what it takes to win a ring, and that is why for now I hold him at a higher level then anybody else. He has no excuse to be slipping now, especially in the final stretches of games.
he is indeed shooting a lower percentage. I won't argue that. I'm disagreeing more with the people saying he's washed up and/or a liability to the Heat. he is letting the Thunder game plan him into a less efficient game, that's true. and he may even be hurt a little. but I like his aggression and refusal to stop attacking - that's helped his team more than it's hurt it, because he's supporting Lebron, getting fouled and putting pressure on the defense.