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Originally Posted by admranger View Post
Bumping an old thread...

Ken, would you still use the Morels now that HAT has the Legatia 1v2 tweets available?

Ridiculously nice build, as usual.

I don't mean to speak for Scott about his products, but that tweeter was available at the time we did this project - we chose not to use it. The L1v2 needs a higher crossover point than the L4SE/c likes. The L1 Pro plays lower and is a better match, and the L1 Pro RR would have been my choice (since it's almost perfectly on axis in this application) but physically either is very hard to fit into the desired BMW trim piece. The Morel we used has a low Fs and can play down to meet the L4SE/c without asking it to play too high (remember that it's not a wideband design, and can't play smoothly as high as the other small mids from HAT).
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