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Lightbulb BMW M1 Successor (M10?) Halo Supercar Rumored for 2016

BMW M1 Successor (M10?) Halo Supercar Rumored for 2016
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The on-again-off-again BMW supercar successor to the M1 is now rumored to be coming in 2016, according to Autobild. Why so long? Because the i8 electric hybrid sportscar launches in 2014 and BMW would like to give the i8 some time on the market without any potential sales cannibalization posed by a successor to the M1. We think it's unlikely that BMW will revive the M1 nameplate, but may instead choose a previously unused and higher identifier - perhaps the M10 (which was recently trademarked).

The market introduction is so far away for this potential halo sports model that engine and performance specs are mostly speculative and subject to change, but the report speculates that it may be powered by a turbocharged V8 with 600-650 horsepowers, with top speed around 330 KMH (205 MPH).

Like the original M1, it would be a completely new ground-up project not based on any current BMW and will utilize conventional steel/aluminum/titanium/plastic construction, unlike the i8's more exotic carbon fiber construction. Reported target weight is in the ballpark of 2700-2800 pounds and priced around $250,000 euros.

While we'd love to see these rumors and predictions come true, we'd suggest that one not bank on this coming to fruition just yet (or the particular specs), given the on-again-off-again rumormill surrounding such a model and the vast amount of time between now and the predicted release date, during which time it could be scrapped completely or its specs changed.

* The image used for illustration above is an artist's render only and is not based on any particular rumors or clues as to what the successor M1 may resemble.

Source: Autobild via Automobilwoche