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Originally Posted by ******* View Post
Honestly for about a month im not eating almost nothing between 6am to 4pm while im in work... i dont really have time to excercise at gym

yeah yeah i know I look like a bag fuul of fat and other feces but caring for your appearance in Europe ( not including South EU cause there is hot like hell so they are naturally fit) is not so much popular as in US.
Three things that stood out from your entire post.

1.) You are eating nothing between 6 am and 4 pm while at work. This is terrible if you are trying to burn fat. You need to eat small snacks throughout the entire day. During work, you should be eating ~150 calories snacks every two hours or so. Lean, healthy and low fat snacks. If you eat small snacks at regular intervals throughout the day, you keep your metabolism going at a faster rate than if you are idle and not eating. This is key.

2.) You don't really have time for the gym. You will pretty much make NO PROGRESS WITHOUT WORKING OUT. Eating healthy will only get you so far. Without building lean muscle mass, you will just be skinny and flabby. When you have a higher proportion of lean muscle, you will naturally burn calories faster than if you are all fat. When you have a lot of muscle, you literally burn more fat just standing there than if you are already overweight.

I would not worry at all about all the meatheads at the gym where you live. Ignore them if you don't like them. Most dudes at my gym are actually pretty cool. I've made a lot of good friends seeing and chatting with people I see everyday at the gym. Some are huge meatheads and are cool, others look like you and are also cool. Eventually, with some discipline and dedication, you will fit right in!

3.) Caring about fitness in EU is not as "popular" as it is in the US. This is probably one of the most incorrect statements I've read in the post. America is the fattest and most overweight/obese countries in the world. The media's portrayal of Americans may be what you are basing this comment on, but unfortunately, pretty much the entire country is a fat mess.

You also said that the people in Southern EU are naturally fit because it has a hot climate or something. Not sure how you came up with this. You should check out the South here in America. It's the hottest and definitely the fattest and most obese part of our country (South Carolina, Kentucky, Louisiana, Arkansas, etc).

I would definitely encourage you to work out at least an hour a day and eat small healthy meals throughout the day. Do other exercising other than riding your bike. Start doing weight training and you will see progress. Once you start seeing the effects of your hard work, you will be more motivated to exercise and it is a positive feedback loop. You won't regret it!

Good luck and let us know how it goes!

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