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Originally Posted by Erhan View Post
I am planning a euro trip and part of this is to rent a car to do couple laps at Nurburgring.

* Google says you can't really use the cars you rent from Budget or Hertz. Not that I was planning on. There are companies that rent race/track cars. Any suggestion on which company to choose?

Don't drive a street rental unless you are willing to pay thousands of euros of fines.

* How early should I make reservations for the track car rental?

Really depends on the season. Probably as early as possible

* I'm inclined to rent a MINI Cooper, since I have one and I'm very familiar with it. Also it is not a fast car (good on a track I've never been to before), and it is relatively inexpensive to rent.

Your best bang for the buck would be the Renault Clio Cup. Good chassis, ok power, easy to drive. I haven't seen too many Mini's on the track when I was there. (I don't think the Germans like the British too much.)

* Is there any chance that there will be too much traffic on the day I'm planning to be at Nurburgring, such that they don't allow any more cars? What if there is an accident?

There are accidents everyday, especially on tourist/public days. If there is a minor accident, the track continues to run. If there is a major accident, expect at least a 30 min stop.

* My current plans to be there around 9/12-9/13, and the tourist rides are only 1 hour for those dates. Such a small window, considering 1 lap takes ~10minutes.

* Do I need to wear a helmet? Main purpose of my trip will be hiking, and I don't want to carry a helmet in the Alps.

Helmets are not mandatory on cars on public days.

* Would my WA license be enough?


* Aside from track car rental, to move around in Germany, where can I rent a BMW 1 series? Google says I can use Sixt, and it costs about $100/day. But they don't guarantee a 1er. How can I make sure? I'm planning on driving around Alps a bit (Stelvio pass etc).

Public days are crazy. You will find anything and everything that is street legal on the track. I saw a coach bus, man with a dog, and a pick up truck running at the same time as Porsche GT3 RS's. It's quite an experience but be safe!