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Originally Posted by slamako View Post
Thanks for all the posts. I do appreciate the insight. I wish I have more to contribute, but I'm just still a rookie.

I just wanted to share a video that offers insight and some reality of what it takes to be successful in trading to other newbies like myself. I know she is an anomaly, and her gains grabs headlines, but I was more fascinated to hear about the hard work, discipline and how she learned from her past errors. Her demeanor was also pleasant as she doesn't fit the stereotypical role of a trader.

I liked the interview. She is very down to earth

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Looks like futures hit resistance at 1347 and are pulling back now. I highly doubt Greece is going to be able to form a government before they go broke. I think Bill Gross said it best you don't fix an alcoholic by giving them more drinks. Also, if the Italian yields continue to rise as Spain's did, it should be a fun ride down!
I went full-short again today. Picked up some very cheap vix shorts. Glad I got out of the market with those on friday. Today was an amazing opportunity to pick them up for cheap. I'm betting no Twist or QE3. Yield curves are already too low on 10 year's. QE3 is inappropriate atm because we've risen 6% from the bottom of that 10% decline. QE3 after 4% down? No ty. I'm not going to play that bet. But we'll see how things work out.

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what books would you all recommend to learn about investing
I reccomend practicing in a virtual account. Experience is the most important thing. Fumble through your mistakes. Nothing makes you adapt and learn faster than learning how NOT to do "that again" and lose cash.