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I was considering identical purchase few months ago (awd, <$10K, decent mileage).

In the end I was leaning toward getting a subaru (wrx/sti pretty pricy though), nissan xterra/pathfinder, or maybe 4runner (although these were little overpriced). I also found some g35x sedans for pretty good deals. If I didn't feel I needed awd I would have looked into sonata or maybe older acura tl. The problem with the honda's were that their resale value was so strong they ended up seeming like poor values (older or high mileage models only for the most part <$10k). I ended up getting an 2004 c320 4matic and it's been great.

Although, I don't disagree with the others telling you to DD the m3 and save the money you'd otherwise spend on extra tax/insurance, etc, I really like having another care to handle DD duties. I have 2 car seats in the benz and can drive it too work through construction zones, bad weather, tight parking areas, etc. Also, although an m3 may not be all that "special" to some, it most definitely is to me. I love being able to keep it fresh, clean, ding-free and keep the heavy miles off it.