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" In one of the corners your speed reading was 0km/h. What setup are you using to film this? Any links to what equipment you are using? "

Hi Superfly, i am using Harry's lap timer(app) with Iphone.
Click here for more info (the developer is a also member here)
It is useful to see if the lap times were consistent or improving and much more. The speed is way to laggy to show its real time and not correct because it was using IPhones gps sensors.You can get a more accurate speed and faster reading if added gps and OBD II sensors.

" Seems like you are chirping 2-3 shift on a few occasions. I'm guessing its the tires - well worn? "

Those tires went through 4 track days and i will need a new set of tires soon.
Or i might use them for one more track day for drfting. ( just for fun )

Happy motoring!

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