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how do you post pictures with message description right underneath?

Anyways, top to bottom:

1) The Interface Module goes behind the climate controls. I really had a tought time getting this thing in. It seemed too tight for some reason. Eventually with some modifications to the plastics, it went in.

2) Connection at the back of the module.

3) Car in peices, testing if the unit works before putting it back together. BTW, BMW's are really well built in respect to trim peices, fitments and thought-through process of how everything should be put together.

4) Still testing before assembly

5) Back seat had to be taken off to run the camera and the trigger wire to the front of the car underneath the carpet. The most annoying part was trying to run TWO new cables through the rubber shielding (hose) that connects between the trunk and the car. It has all the other wires for all the lights and latch, and it was a very tight squeeze. I attached fishing line to a wire hanger pilot, then attached the wires to the fishing line and ran them through.