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Originally Posted by Optherion View Post
Except autodymanics is not located in Texas Lol. So they don't have to follow your states laws. Good luck.

There's too many of these threads where buyers strong arm dealers into agreeing ong mistakes to make them eat it. I'm all for you getting a fair price. Especially if you came to find out that no reserve was intended and they didn't do their books to calculate what they own the car for.

Just apple and amazon do to avoid state laws, autodynamics doesn't need to follow your state laws as they are not based there nor is eBay
Wrong. First off Autodynamics IS located in Houston Texas. Second it doesn't matter if they are. When business is done over the phone or on the internet between two persons residing in different states the law says that the transaction for legal purposes is considered to take place in the buyer's home. Internet taxes are a completely different from consumer protection laws.

Legally the auction was held in the OP's living room.

Also, nobody is trying to strong arm anybody here, the dealer seems to be mistreating the OP and violating state laws from the details the OP provided. He deserves to seek rightful compensation for the dealer's actions just like anyone else, and people should be made aware of how the dealer treats it's customers.

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