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My setup is completely stock with normal power, normal suspension,track control off settings and Michelin PS2.
What kind of tire pressure were you running the car? I usually set it to cold start at 31 psi and keep them at 38 hot. Or perhaps it was just the weather, however 2:12 lap time with Michelin PSS seems really slow since you manage to do 2:09 with 370z / advan ad08. How is your M3 running ? Any issues ? Are you comfortable pushing yours to the limit? It’s hard to tell why you did not improve your lap time with your M3.
But do not get disappointed with lap time. Track days are not about lap times. Lap times just come with the package. For example my fastest laps are always when I feel slow, and am comfortable. (by that time my brakes feels like sponge!) I really do not think about the lap time until the end of the sessions or end of the day. I only use lap times to show if I was consistent, or improving.

Good Luck and happy motoring on the track.

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