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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
Has it? Granted, I don't see it likely myself, but to me it is premature to say a rules change to allow forced induction cannot happen by 2015. Of course, the E92 M3 won't be in production for part of 2013 and most/all of 2014 so that might have an effect on eligibility in the meantime anyway (I am not sure - don't know the rules in that regard).
I could be wrong but I believe that the current rules allow forced induction, but the issue is that nobody in GT wants to try it out. When you add in the forced induction it creates a lot more issues to effect the reliability of the engine. But that being said LMP engines have been that way for a while and they work.

To me that is the reason to go racing, to improve the performance and reliability of the engines and parts for the road cars. GT racing can't ignore the reality of situation, every car manufacturer is using turbochargers for their engines. BMW, Mercedes, Audi, even Ferrari were caught testing a turbocharged California not to long ago. It is the way of the future. Like it or not.

I think it would be great of they produced a turbocharged M3 GT car and won Le Mans with it. Do for GT racing what Audi did with the diesels for prototypes.