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Y'all are crazy with your mods, keep that $h!t stock... what I said when I started trolling this site before getting my car. Thought you guys were nuts with your vorsteiner parts, and your arkym lips, and your catless exhausts, and your coilovers, and your tunes, and your superchargers....

Who would buy an $80k car made by the M division and think swapping parts out would make it better?

...and who the hell are these "IND" guys....

Ok fine, the amber reflectors are gross, but that's it, rest of the car looks mint. Nothing else to do.

"uhhhhhh hi IND, how do I, you know, get rid of the yellow on the front of the car?"

"You mean the Amber Reflectors? We can send you paint matched reflectors."

Ohh....M3s don't have Angel Eyes like all other late model bimmers? Fine. I guess there's no harm in just swapping in different bulbs.

"Hey Ross@Bimmereyes, how do I make my lights look good?"

"Lux V3s, easy install and your good to go."

Now I'm feeling good. Car looks great; yellow is gone and I got them "angel eyes". That's it, no more. Aesthetically, car is awesome. I don't even mind the chrome that all these guys hate on. Don't need blacked out grilles and gills. What does "look more aggressive" even mean when talking about chrome vs "chrome black"?

"Ilia@IND, let me get a set of those Edition grilles and gills!...better throw in the performance spoiler too."

Modding complete. I'll let the rest of these yahoos burn bills on things like an exhaust. Who would want exhaust smells, an inability to pass emissions and a CEL, anyway?

....but man, is that stock kinda quiet. But it's ok, it's classy that way........there's no way I'm spending $$$ just to make it "more exotic".....but what's with those dinky tips? And those massive sacks?

"Ilia@IND, one Akra slip-on please. Wait........better send along the full evo, just in case, and one of them 'diffusers'."

Whew, I can't believe I just dropped all that cash on a buncha sh!t I didn't know existed a month ago. This mod stuff is kind of fun.

But no more. I'm not sacrificing any ride quality and warranty just to get a "drop". The suspension is the ONE thing on this car that's pure gold.

.......but what's with that massive gap in the front? My mom's van has a tighter look.

I'll just buy a set of Springs. That keeps my EDC and you know, doesn't get too crazy. I don't want to spend all this $$ on a sleeve-over kit. I don't even know what coilovers are so I'm not going to even bother.

"RMP Motors? I just bought a set of KW V3s and I need to get them installed."

Like I said, you people are crazy...and I owe you one. I love my car 10x more than I did on the first day I got it with all credit to you peeps who take the time and put in the effort to share your thoughts, advice and opinion on everything from exhaust sounds to ride height.

To the forum vendors (especially IND), y'all sell crack. There's no other way to put it. You're also unbelievable professionals with a genuine passion and dedication to making us addicts enjoy our rides. It's not often (or at all) crack dealers have such impeccable customer service. Thanks

Now I'm finally done.

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"..........I wonder how much a supercharger goes for"

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