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Originally Posted by OC ///M View Post
This "question" has already been answered- No, it's not going to happen.
Has it? Granted, I don't see it likely myself, but to me it is premature to say a rules change to allow forced induction cannot happen by 2015. Of course, the E92 M3 won't be in production for part of 2013 and most/all of 2014 so that might have an effect on eligibility in the meantime anyway (I am not sure - don't know the rules in that regard).

This is actually not true.
I agree the series is more popular than in the past, but is still dwarfed by traditional heavy hitters such as IndyCar or Nascar. Then again what series isn't right? Sure. I am simply suggesting DTM might fair better. But that remains to be seen.
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