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Originally Posted by KalvinChan View Post
I'm going to get the first car in my life about few months later, but i'm still thinking which car should I get. I know you will have more fun with the 1 series, but it's kinda small for me (I'm a 6" guy) and I think is easy to drive, park for new driver. In the other hand, 3 series obviously have more option, especially the iDrive system, because I want to use it for the road trip after I get it. Anyway, I like both of them.

Is there any different between 1 series and 3 series? I mean the handling.....etc. I am thinking to get these car with year 09'-11'.

Thank you for answering
it is unclear what your rather average penis has to do with a car purchase, or why you would mention it on a car forum.