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Yes, most of these accidents are caused by Prototypes trying to get by GTs on the inside of an Apex. The Prototypes come up on the GTs so fast and too late that sometimes the GTs just don't see them quick enough to leave the inside line open. Even though it seems like all these are the fault of the GTs on replay videos in slow motion, I personally think that most of these are caused by the Prototypes being far too aggressive. Faster cars should pass on the straights or at the turns if they have sufficiently pulled alongside the car being passed to claim the inside line of a turn. But, in a lot of these crashes, the Prototypes dive inside far too late assuming that the GTs would get out of their way... which is not really fair for the GTs who are in a race of their own.

Delta wing was a great concept and I would have loved to have seen it finish, but I am not sure whether a 1,000 pound car with a very vulnerable front-end/cockpit design belongs in a race with heavier cars, where there is frequent contact and other mishaps.
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