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BOSS 302 Test Drive across Mulholland...ex-M3, RS4, GT3 and now C63 owner

I used to have an E92 M3 DCT which I then supercharged by Gintani. Had a GT3 after and now a C63 P31. Only go on here now to really look dont post much but I see a lot of stang talk so I thought I'd post.

Test drove the blue boss 302 today first they had me drive the GT 5.0 to see if I was serious and I got to say the engine is fantastic! Its got amazing torque and hp for a mustang gt. seems as fast as the m3. it's very responsive as well. The rest of the package is not there so much. Shifter was decent and clutch light with high catch.

So then they let me drive the boss 302. There was a black laguna seca that sold for 30 over in there. Ridiculous!!!

The exhaust is glorious!! It's got a quad exhaust. 2 out the rear and 2 out the side in front of rear tire. My test driver was a really cool guy and we started driving towards coldwater canyon if u know the valley u know where I'm headed. But lots of traffic so I make a right on mulholand. And off I go. Full throttle, full braking, glorious clutch and gear box. The pedals were perfect for heel toeing. I was so confident I went for the upshift on areas I hadn't in other cars knowing I was gonna have to nail a downshift sooner than expected(sometimes better to bounce off the rev limiter). Few turns I stayed in 3rd where I could of been in 2nd. The torque and ability to exit turns was better than I expected. I was never thrown off by the live rear axle. It felt planted and I was really worried about that part of the car. The gearbox has short throws and close together but very light and smooth. Although sometimes I would get a bog from 2 to 3 which seemed weird. Clutch felt hydraulically assisted, not sure if it is. A little understeer at the limit but much less than my c63. Car felt much lighter cause it is. Steering was good, lighter than I like but I know it has 3 setting which I never touched and was very responsive. Steering felt less computer assisted than the M3. Car had great feedback and was very adjustable. Under hard braking and heel toeing I would get some tire lock up but the brakes were FANTASTIC but cant say if they have enough endurance as I didnt get to push it long enough. They are brembos up front.

Simply put I love it and may get it. And the salesman with me loved it!!! He looks over and says damn you can drive! I think I preferred it to the m3 but it's been a year since I drove one. Obviously I am only referring to the sports side not the luxury and comfort parts of the car which it obviously cant even compete with the Bmw there.

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