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Originally Posted by Silver E90 View Post
They all know what is going to be decided and announced up to a year in advance, take Porsche for example they announced they are getting back into LMP1 in 2014 and have know for a while what the new rules were going to be because they have already started to develop the new car before they announced the new rules this week.
Right, so the question remains, will the F82 M3 be feasible in ALMS without some expensive-to-produce limited edition model? I doubt that anyone knows that one or the other for sure at this point. But you have to go with what you do know. So they steer the ship the way they feel is best with the information available today. It is a business decision, just like the choice to participate in ALMS to begin with was.

Dose the US really need another road racing series? Grand-Am and ALMS are already fighting for a very small market share in the US. Can a series made of BMW, Mercedes, and Audi really thrive with NASCAR support and following?

Really don't see that being successful.
It remains to be seen but ALMS is hardly taking off like gang busters for that matter. Let's wait and see what happens. I think it has strong potential.
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