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Originally Posted by Silver E90 View Post
While I agree with the issues of the current rules, these things change on any given year. This week they changed all of the rules for LMP cars and who knows what will happen to GT rules in the near future.
Sure. At the same time, budgets must be determined and allocated in advance. You can't necessarily wait around to see what the governing bodies may do with the rules. Of course you can lobby, but there's a point at which you need to decide on a direction and go with it.

As for BMW in DTM thats great, but outside of Germany who watches or follows that? Not to mention that it is close to a spec series and not as entraining as ALMS.
FWIW, DTM is bringing a series to the US next year. I agree it is a essentially a spec series, but it does offer some excitement vs. some other spec series we are used to here.
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