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Originally Posted by Templar View Post
I don't like tire shine for this reason, it leaves a mess. Not only that, unless you don't drive the car for a while after, the wheels just sling the greasy stuff all over the sides of the car.

Best way to apply tire wet or shine stuff is to put it on an applicator pad and apply it to the tire. Don't spray it on the tire directly. If you do it in coatings after letting them dry, it tends to wet the tire a little better and make it look pretty nice.

Tire shine, IMO, is good for showroom cars and garage queens, but not very practical for driving.

As for getting that off, SONAX will probably do the trick.
I never drive the car right after tire shine, I've learned...

I did use an applicator but I think I sprayed it on the tire directly then used the applicator to rub it in. I'll try spraying directly on the applicator and will just be more careful from now on. My car is not a show car but I do like the tire shine look so I'm gonna keep it up...

I'm going to order some Sonax. I'm all about Ph balanced cleaners...

Originally Posted by Martin_D View Post
Gel tire shine will do this...

Grab a MF towel and rub the tire until it is all gone...
Now I know! I'll try a MF towel until the Sonax gets here...

Originally Posted by tibra1 View Post
Use a good cleaner/wax that will take that off
Might try wax with the MF towel...

Thanks for all the suggestions!!